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Sebastian’s punishment hadn’t quite been as thorough, hadn’t quite been as devastating as Jim could have managed. That was fine. He’d walked away satisfied, with plenty of time to put measures in place to target the other conspirator in the mad little game which had comprised the past several days.

It was painfully easy, almost made something akin to pity rise up like bile in the back of his throat. He attributed that to how sick the entire situation made him.

The car pulled up in front of the house easily, just after he’d finished tinkering, researching on his phone. He didn’t move to exit the car, no, simply snapped a short order to drive off to the theatre, because there was one particular actress he had a long overdue meeting with. She’d be left unawares of it, but would know all too well, if she really had such a knack for understanding as she’d been made out to have.

More disgust, more half-formed plans that he didn’t have the care to complete.

Quick texts were fired off to find her driver, to dispatch with the hapless sap, to dispose of the body and the car, so she wouldn’t have any excuse for not joining him. Well. Aside from the blatantly obvious, of course, but then she really wouldn’t get a say in that matter, either.

They pulled up easily to the back door of the theatre she was currently playing in, his driver was given explicit instructions to drive to a particular warehouse of theirs once they were joined by the lovely lady, and then all that there was to do was wait. Wait for her to emerge, join them, realise her fate. There was still a gun waiting in his pocket with a single bullet, with her name written all over it.

It couldn’t be so simple. He had a flair for the dramatic, and if anyone could appreciate that, then she certainly could, yet he couldn’t manage to muster more than the most basic of theatrics. This ominous picking her, the tense car ride to come, the atmosphere of the place they’d be off to. Good enough would make do until something more flickered to mind.

All that, and the driver hopping out to open the back door for her the second she emerged from the theatre. A flair that had come unbidden, but would get the man a nice little bonus at the end of it all.

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